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Love Me Some Nickname — Fighters, People, Things, etc.

May 2, 2012

I love me some nicknames. MMA/Mixed-martial arts got me thinking about this originally, fighter nicknames have a rich history all their own. Boxing, as the main form of fighting in the States*, has been the largest, most salient context for fighting sports/arts. But, with the exponential growth of MMA in the last decade, or so, it’s garnered my attention much more during that same time frame. I’ll get into the context/paradigm more soon, e.g., as per the variety of f-squared (form and function) that the potential of nicknames can go, and the diversity of themes therein. You can go metaphor physically, absstract, funny, intimidating (intentionality does not always equate to effect/effectiveness, eh, über-original, imitative, etc., and also touch on how the nickname creates it’s meaning (through the fighter’s appearance, culture, personality, performances, mstyle of fighting, etc., AND/OR thru fan influence, via social media/twiter/fb/net, etc.).

I’m not just a fan of fight nicknames, I don’t discriminate. The only thing I discriminate for/against is not discriminating, aha. And a lot of times, personal nicknames, e.g., thru** family, friends, etc., are much more insightful, full of meaning, as they soeak/give breath to family/friend love, culture, identity, race/ethnicity, history, etc.

More soon…

*Refers to the United States of America
**For all you grammarian-spelling-punctuation inspectors, I understand ‘through’ is the correct spelling of ‘thru’, but in an effort to save tims/space, I chose ‘thru’. Now that I’ve written way more by explaining this, I’ve defeated the purpose of my original intent, yet all for clarity and understanding. So there.

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