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Splunk, a Slam Dunk

April 20, 2012

I love APM/NPRs, Marketplace. Yeah, if that makes me a nerd, nerd I be, hell yes. They brought a piece to air today on the fast growing niche, big data, that serves a ton of areas in a ton of ways. With the near unlimited amount of information and access to it, big data is only getting bigger. I love the field, probably would’ve majored in it if it was available back in the day. Am Planning on making some contacts, connecting with some big data firms and people (linkedin, etc.) and writing, researching using some big data priciples, methods, etc.

Anyways, big data firm, Splunk made a cannonball-sized splash in the financial/big-data/etc., world with a huge IPO today (4/20/12). Their IPO actually doubled their stock price, which wasn’t available in the article, but I’ll Google it and re-post it when I can.

The piece, by Queena Kim, is listed below.

More data on big data soon.


NPR/APMs Marketplace, ‘Splunk Makes a Splash,’ 4/20/12

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