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‘Playing Catch’ and Being in the/a Zone …

April 11, 2012

‘Playing catch’ was what my family called throwing and catching the baseball or the football in the front and/or backyard. And I loved playing catch. I mean really loved it. I don’t think I ever refused anyone’s offer, and my near-continual offers were negated quite regularly. It was almost like a default setting when I would come into contact with anyone. Sometimes preceding even a salutation, a ‘hi’, ‘how’s it going?’ If any semblance of those words and that phrase buzzed my ears: a near-unconscious physiological and psychological response would trigger and activate a quick affirmation. I can’t remember which chemical and feeling it is without a little research, which I’ll do later, but I’d feel a certain adrenaline/serotonin/dopamine rush that put me in my happy place. I could play catch for hours. Whether football or baseball, I’d try all kinds of different ways to throw and catch each. Throwing the baseball with an ‘over-the-top’ motion, ‘side-armed’, and er-rything in ‘tween. Same thing with catching. We’d do different things we’d seen, usually from the pro’s, or college, or my older brother’s team, anything. It was like being in a ‘zone’. I make a distinction from the term being in the zone because they’re different. Being in the zone originated from referring to an athlete, e.g. Michael Jordan, whose sum-all collection of parts that make up her/his being are within such a high state of quality in their respective sport/art/etc., that they’re subjectively judged (by whoever so thinks) to be in the zone. I slid the word art and an etc., into the potential contextual package, sport/art/etc., because the term is now used in so many contexts, it’s practically universal. It seems like it probaby creeped into other sports first, then slithered it’s way into the performing-type/performing arts things like; acting, music, dance (?), and maybe even poker, magic, and ‘circusy-arts’ (so random that those just popped in my noggin, lol), too. I think I’ve heard it used in non-physical things, too, like; dating (dumb), writing, thinking, etc. Even analysis-related stuff; news, business — so, theoretically, anything is game. The zone doesn’t discriminate. And, so now that I’ve explained that. Being in ‘a’ zone as opposed to ‘the’ simply refers to being in a state of bliss, peace, etc. Being in the moment, more or less. I could get into different philosophies that focus on that basic idea, but that would open a floodgate that I don’t have time for right now. While I like to dive into anything that is interesting, thought provoking, etc., I just don’t have time to tackle the scope and depth of the topic sufficiently. I’ll make a mental note to get to it in the future.

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