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Nick Diaz to Fight Braulio Estima in Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu Superfight

April 11, 2012

(Summarizing Ariel ‘Scoop’ Helwani’s article, respectively, in

As reported by MMA super-sleuth, Ariel ‘Scoop’ Helwani, in, Nick Diaz is scheduled to fight/challenge Braulio Estima in a jiu-jitsu match at the World Jiu-Jitsu Exposition in Long Beach, CA, May 12.

Estima, whose nickname is Carcará (central/southern american falcon, from the indigenous Tupi language of origin), is an absolute superstar in the Brasilian jiu-jitsu world. Arguably one of, if not the top BJJ practitioners on the planet, the 31-year-old has a litany* of awards to reflect his mastery of the art. He hails from the beautiful northeastern Brazilian seaport city, Recife, but now operates out of his Gracie-Barra Academy in Birmingham, England. He’s planning on trying his hand at MMA as early as this summer, and disclosed such to an article two days ago, in Bloody Elbow. He’s signed with the hot Authentic Sports Management, run by Glenn Robinson out of Florida, and the same group heavyweight Alistair Overeem signed with after departing Golden Glory. The Bloody Elbow piece speaks to Braulio’s thoughts on the common factors and the paradigm elite-BJJ practitioners face when transitioning to the MMA game. If Carcará’s transition to the MMA-game comes out anything near his transitions on the mat, MMA will have one of the top, if not the best BJJ-practitioners planning eddie-twisters, triangles, and calf-slicers en masse.

On the other side of the coin, news of Nick Diaz — one of, if not the best pound-for-pound MMA fighters in the world — returning to the fight game is quite possibly the top fight news of the day. Whether fans or detractors, the sum-all that Diaz brings to an MMA fight or a BJJ event is nearly unmatched by any other single fighter on the planet, boxing included. Diaz’ fighting skills are as versatile and effective as it gets, fueled by an indomitable will and indefatiguable spirit. In my humble opinion, Diaz — more than any other fighter — has the most courageous reactions and choices when faced with conflict and struggle: to me, the very essence of what fighting is all about. I won’t get into it anymore, because I have other stuff to do. Considering Nick has never been submitted in a BJJ competition, watching the jedi in the fight game’s most jedi of pantheons — against a fellow jedi and one of the top jedi (known) on the planet — is more exciting than him fighting in the UFC.

Like Bart Scott, “Can’t wait!”

*since ‘Scoop’ Helwani used my mainstay for this context, plethora, I’ve made the tough decision to find another, difficult as it be. so, here’s your shot litany, eat your heart out

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