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Maria Popova is Smart

April 9, 2012

I’ve been on the Maria Popova-train for some time now*, and I think I feel her brand starting to get yoked by more mainstream media. I finally heard her being recognized and covered, by another great organization, APM/NPRs, On the Media. Her Brainpickingswebsite is one of the most creatitive cauldrons of ideas, in breadth and depth, you can find anywhere. One article/piece can have ten embedded links that I’ve spent a day trying to digest. And, in congruence to that oh so unfair gift that keeps on giving, journalism-post-2k, it’s free. But is open to donation. There have got to be people and organizations with deeper pockets than their donating readerbase. They’ll be bought sooner rather than later — unless she and the site stick to their genuine grassrooty-non-business oriented identity and refuse to sell out. We shall see. But, I was glad to finally here her getting noticed for her (and the site’s other contributors, et al.) excellent work.

*yet another instance of finding a cool-something (e.g., Dave Matthews’ Band, Snoop, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Ben n Jerry’s, fruits and vegetables, coffee, and the biggest of my personal career, Michael Jordan, oh yeah, and Barack Obama — seriously, I was on all this shite before God even knew about them, and I’ll provide a more exhaustive list soon, oh yes, I will) then watching ‘it’ gain popularity and notiriety before I have to depart due to their corruption and/or my perceived corruption because of any semblance of success. Lol…

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