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Danggg! You ‘Are’ What You Eat (Part II of the Series)

April 7, 2012

This is the first post that will tackle the simple, and complex context of food and eating. To try and wrap my head around everything involved and connected to the whole enchilada pun intended, haha — you’re welcome, and I’ll be here all night). Ever since I can remember, literally, I have eaten. We all have to eat/drink something, if we want to live. Food and drink are technically sustenance that feeds our body’s vast amount of needs that include that stuff we’ve all heard about; hydration, protein, carbohydrates, and fats/lipids, to keep it rather simple. These things provide our body fuel to continue life, duh. Pretty simple. I want to know the five W’s and H: the who, what, when, where, why, and how we eat. Each ‘W’ and ‘H’ have infinite amount of possibile questions, an infinite amount of variations. Each possibile question has an infinite amount of secondary and follow-up questions, too. And we can never escape the wondrous lurking purveyor of insight and enlightenment — the grim-reaper of information, who doesn’t discriminate: w-h-y (cue horror noise/shrill/shriek/etc.). I’ve been thinking about this stuff, like I said, forever. But it’s always been through the different prisms of the various stages that reflect age, perspective, location, culture, tradition, etc. And not only do we change through time, but so too does the world we live in, the geography, tradition, and culture. Who are/am we/I as/a consumer(s)? What do we eat? Why do we eat it? Why not x, y, or z? When do we eat? Where do we eat
The thing about food and eating we usually hear about revolves around conceptions of attractiveness. Being attractive in our society involves fitting and being as close as possible to a set of culturally constructed characteristics/qualities/etc.

I’ll be back to write, update, and have a whole bunch of information/resources/etc.


*Bonus — the Gracie ‘Renergy Sandwiches’, the original/OG and the 2.0. Check ’em out, they’re great. Dang! Technique, leverage, efficiency of the highest level. Dang. lol

The Gracie ‘Renergy Sandwich’ (original, OG, lol)

The Gracie ‘Renergy Sandwich 2.0’. (New variation on the original Renergy Sandwich. Can’t make myself say new and improved because improved implies the original being lesser in some shape or form. The original deserves respect. That is all)

BBC ‘Ethics of Eating’

BBC Radio Discussion about Eating Meat or Not

Counting Calories of Kindness — How Ethical do you Eat (

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