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A ‘Mad-Lib’ Analytic Paradigm: Analyze Anything, Fill in the Blank

April 5, 2012

My mind is always trying to think of new ways, use traditional ways better, and/or innovate the ways we analyze things. Anything. Usually, I’m thinking of culture, sports, a movie, economic/governmental policies, and/or quality of life. Anything is game really.
In the spirit of brevity, the first model choice splits the context into the traditional duality of critique: quantitative and qualitative ‘modes.’ Quantitatively, we immerse ourselves in numbers, but a caveat of numbers and the sphere of measuring is that describing, specifically naming involves expression, usually using those things called letters and words. Duh, I know, but the recognition and awareness of a seemingly obvious thing has a definite function, quite often and easily overlooked. Attention to detail is one of the most important things in life, to me. Not to an extreme, but to increase the quality of whatever task is at hand: to increase quality. If attention to detail is an idea I always try to keep in mind, quality, has to be another one, if not one of the foremost in the dome. But, now that I think about it, there are always different words, concepts, ideas, thoughts, even feelings, beliefs, values, ethics, and experiences that are always in constant interplay and flux that change based on experience, thought, and time, as they all interact together. Like a big cauldron of life-stew — and, in my humble opinion, in my experience crock-potting (verbform, bam!), and in life, it’s always better to cook with organic, real food, and cook it slowwww baby, aw yeah. Slow your roll!* Back to the point, and brevity, lol.
These ideas and things actually bring up a good example of what is of the utmost in creating a general (mad-lib’ish, etc.) framework a/o paradigm for analyzing stuff.

Back to this when I can…

*I’ll be writing a piece on this ‘slow cook’ principle more soon…

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