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The Machida Family War Song

April 4, 2012

This is a quick, minute and twenty second clip, of a little tune I like to call, ‘The Machida Family War Song.’ It’s from Yoshizo Machida, who just so happens to be the father and longtime trainer/sensai* of Brasilian mixed-martial arts star, and former light-heavyweight champ Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida. Yoshizo is originally from Japan, and it’s an old Japanese war song. Lyoto’s Dad is a funny guy, he taught Lyoto and some of Lyoto’s friends/teammates to drink a cup of your fresh, warmish urine, every morning. Aw yeah. And, MMA Nation and UFC reporter/journalist extraordinaire, one Ariel Helwani actually got Yoshi to do it live, on tape. Funny thing is that Ariel was actually interviewing the main Brasilian-Portuguese translator for non-English speaking, Brasilian MMA/UFC fighters, Ed Soares. When Ariel asked Ed (and Yoshi) who was with Ed about the morning beverage practice, Yoshi politely offered to do it stat, toot suite. Lol. They’re somewhere in the corner of an arena or a hotel banquet type place, but no problem: Yoshi gets a plastic cup, turns around in the corner and fills her up, ahem, tops it off, and chug-a-lug. Ah. Classic. Funny thing is, of the many, that you can see that Yosh is fascinated that everyone else finds it different, or specual in any way. Good stuff.

I’ll chase that clip down and add it later.

But, a quick word or two on ‘The War Song.’ Kind of cool because, to me at least, the song gives me the feeling that you could be watching a great film dealing with a whole range of possibile themes/contexts/stories, with the song in the background to some classic cinematography. Old samurais practicing the art solo, in a huge field off the Japanese coast; in a fighting scene, against an enemy (pre-world war era, with a more ancient, raw glimpse of powerful contexts); watching a widow and family burying their family hero (I know that seems extremely morose and depressing, but I’m just thinking, imagining of real to life, raw, poignant moments, that’s all.), and you get the idea. Makes me want to make a movie. So I will.

Gonna look and see if I can find the lyrics, translation. Oh yeah — Lyoto and Yoshi went to a recording studio and they recorded Yoshi performing the song. Lyoto comes out to the song when he fights: how cool is that. I’m a big fan of what songs fighters choose to come out to the octagon, what it means, symbolism of the song to the fighter, etc. ‘Fight-walk-out-songs.’ The FWOS paradigm. Keepin’ it real (Chris Rock’s voice, lol).

‘The Machida Family War Song’ (uploaded by Lyoto’s MMA team, ‘TeamBlackhouse’ on Youtube

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