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Birds on ‘My Block’: Nature’s Musicians

April 3, 2012

Love me some bird songs: all of it; originals, remixes, chirp-chop (hip-hop, haa — ok that’s baddd). Not trying to brag, but I can imitate most of the ones endemic to my hood (sorry, I’ve been on the lookout for a good spot to slip ‘endemic’ into something). Gonna take us out of this post with a little ditty by Houston’s favorite son of hip-hop, Scarface’s “My Block.”

Here’s a great piece on the nature of bird communication, songs: nature’s master musicians, DJs, and orchestra. To me, this is high quality, effective writing. It’s PBS, what else do I expect (I am a HUGE fan of PBS and the CPB, and related programming; TV, radio, internet, yada-friggin-yada!). Packed with power, information presented in a dynamic, creative way and form, substance on ‘roids, imbued with style without trying, and overdoing it, like so much writing in today’s ‘everything-is-accessible-and-everyone-is-an-author.’

Here tis.

Superb Lyrebird

Scarface, ‘My Block’

(Desktop version)


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