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‘Zou Bisou Bisou’ from ‘Mad Men’ Season Premiere Insanely Popular, Just not with Don (the party pooper)

April 2, 2012

Every party has a pooper that’s why we invited you, party p-o-o-ooper. An ex-girlfriend of mine used to break that ditty out, yes, especially if I was being a Dusty-Downer and pouting/sulking about some awful event I had to attend, for some lame ‘reason’ or other (hardly ever happens, In my opinion). But enough about my alleged sulking history … actually pretty interesting stuff (notsomuch), but I’ll feed that frenzy market soon you sulk-thirsty ravaging savages.
Last week, on March 25, AMC brought back the hugely popular superstar of a series, ‘Mad Men’, for it’s fifth season, after a rather untimely, odd year on the shelf (~ ACL injury…??? lol), in the climax of their popularity. But, it could turn out to have been a shrewd, well-played move, as the show has caused a somewhat expected, but still, by proportion, exponentially large ripple across the culture-sphere with it’s season premiere last week.
One of the most talked about parts of the the premiere is new Mrs. Megan Draper’s (Jessica ParĂ©) spot-on performance of the French ditty, ‘Zou Bisou Bisou,’ at husband Don’s (Jon Hamm) surprise 40th b-day party (on the very white carpet, lol). And, although the birthday boy a.k.a. party-pooper wasn’t so thrilled by the office invading the cave, errr home (even for HIS party), or by the tune: on the real, Megan the MILF killed it. Not only was the tune in my head for days — strike that — it hasn’t left my head yet a week later. Being the media, culture-vulture (is that copyrighted?! that could be my version of Weezy and Cash Money’s missed copy-opp on ‘bling-bling,’ mane, lol) that I am, I literally can’t remember every different outlet and context that referred to it just in the past week. Lionsgate, the production company that owns the show, seems to have a prett-ay damn good pulse on us people, as they released the song — Megan Draper’s performance — as a single on iTunes, and a special limited-edition vinyl record version on it’s ‘Mad Men’ webpage the day after the show. So, approximately eight hours after the show aired, they had the song pegged for success. To what extent, e.g., their estimated demand versus what the demand will turn out to be remains to be seen, but they rightly anticipated the success to some degree. Maybe they knew something we didn’t by taking a year off. Albeit, when Jordan took a year off to try baseball out, he came back Jordan. And sometimes, a break actually improves said given product, revitalizes, reenergizes. And with marketing and data collection/flow the juggernaut that they are now, the show’s attention aren’t surprising. Oh yeah, and the writing is top-notch, bona fide. That always helps. Lol.

Megan Draper’s Song/Performance on AMCs Fifth Season Premiere Episode of ‘Mad Men’, on 3-25-12


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