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China and Dogs — Interpreting if, and why Human Diets are Humane …

March 31, 2012

NPRs ATC featured a difficult story to hear yesterday about the relationship between Chinese society and dogs. It’s fairly well known to most that, in China, dogs are a regular part of the Chinese diet. I’m not sure how much, proportionately, dogs are a part of that diet, and thus comparable to something like chicken, beef, or fish, but I’d like to find out. It brought up something I’ve thought about a lot, and more recently actually, while thinking about values, philosophy, and ethics related to this most basic parts of life. What do we eat, and, why? Why are chicken and beef considered ‘normal’ in American society? Do we need to eat the way we do? What is the way that I should eat? And, why?

More on this story, and these questions soon…

NPR Story ‘Headed for the Bjtcher, Chinese Dogs are Rescued’


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