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‘Kickstarter’ Revving Up Creativity

March 30, 2012

‘Kickstarter’ is a great idea, website. The organization and website are the “largest funding platform for creative projects.” Film, art, music, technology, design, food, publishing: I guess, theoretically, anything. Legal of course.

I first heard about the site/idea listening to NPR, and a program called ‘The Hidden World of Girls,’ produced by a group/organization called ‘The Kitchen Sisters,’ and narrated by Tina Fey actually. It was a very interesting show, a lot of different stories by girls/women around the world. There was a story about the musician, artist, the beautiful Janelle Monae: her life, her style, her music, etc. (and hollah, lol — she hails from Kansas City, aw yeahhh — where I was born, and where nearly all of my Mom’s family is from). She’s great though. There was a story about girls in Jamaica who use chicken hormones that give them a more voluptuous figure, albeit extremely dangerous and unhealthy, yet to aim for and try to ‘meet’ what they think, what Jamaican culture and society reflect of as ‘beautiful.’ Then, a Saudi Arabian-Yemeni young woman, Amira Al Sharif, who came to America as a refugee and made a documentary film about young people and specifically young women to compare and hopefully help foster understanding between Americans and Saudis/Yemenis. I’ll post her specific kickstarter page below.

So, think of something (or not, and have a ‘nihilist’ non-idea-idea, lol) and get it funded on Kickstarter. I’ll post mine if/when I think of one.

Amira Al Sharif’s Page



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    • hi (do you go by jo or johanna?), sorry it took me a while to get back. yeah, you’re very welcome, saw your blog when i started mine. i enjoy your posts, and thoughts. tks for commenting. talk to you later…


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