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WordPress, “Help!” How do I add links, tags, italics, bolden, etc., w/ iPhone!?!

March 29, 2012

Ive searched within wordpress, on google, and even asked a few other wordpress bloggers: and nada, to no avail. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m using my iPhone, but that may be wrong, idk. E.g., I’ll enter ‘tags’ into the correct space, seperate with a comma, and hit the requisite ‘add’ button, and nothing. Ah, I also think that it all has something to do with the ‘theme’/’template’ that I’m using, especially as per which ‘widgets’ and widget-related functions are innate or available to me. Why(?) — because I’ve changed themes/templates (from ‘Titan’, to a few I can’t remember, and to ‘Esquire’, the one I have now, and I noticed the difference of how the blog would appear upon each theme/template (t-th) change. For instance, what caught my eye first was how each t-th incorporated/used the presence of a link via the link’s URL, and tags. So, one or maybe more than one actually showed the links and tags I inserted.

Anyways, I think the ‘normal’ compositional functions; italics, bold, etc., are independent of widget-influence (those darn widgets, notorious peer-pressure bullies, lol), but I have idea why they won’t work.

Please help!


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