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Kinda Random, But Puppets (and Puppet Related Films) Freak Me Out

March 25, 2012

Somehow, puppets and puppet related films came up in conversation with a friend — there was a story on NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’ about a kid who is a puppeteer. I’ll add the link. And, not too much to really explain aside from the fact that puppets freak me out. Along the same, or a similar thread as clowns freaking me out. The static, fake smile, over-exaggerated rosey cheeks and nose, the big eyes, and the fact that a person is taking on the identity of someone/something else, you know what I mean (?). That someone has another voice, or if he/she does more than one puppet, voices plural. I wonder if puppeteers have a high incidence a/o correlation to be mentally unstabke, manic, bipolar, schizophrenic, etc. — not that there’s anything wrong with that (Seinfeld). Really. That’s the problem with mental health, re perception, societal judgement, etc. and the complete paradigm about open dialogue about trauma, abuse, emotions, psychology, treatment, services, importance, and the whole shibang [sic]. Mental health issues are arguably as important, and more important in many cases, for someone’s overall quality of life and potential life trajectory. Anyway, Zi’ll write and elaborate on that more at a later date, but back to wrapping up those freaky puppets. My friend couldn’t think of a puppet-driven movie (the three words I do not need to hear when finding a solid flik, btw) from the late 70’s with Anthony Hopkins, so I smartphoned-it. ‘Magic.’ Came out in 1978, and the imdb for it with pictures, well, yup: freaked me out. Here’s a link to an articke that was below(?) the imdb in my search results, on ‘Ten Weirdest Puppet Moments in Movies,’ on the website “Holy Moly!” (Still haven’t figured out how to italicize on wordpress with iPhone).

Stay away from them puppets. And clowns. Give me the heeby-jeebies, I admit it. If necessary, I will take a puppet out though, don’t get it twisted.


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