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Using Science to Find the ‘One’ — New Film by a Scientist Herself

March 23, 2012

New flik ‘Losing Control,’ by writer, director, and producer — and biophysics doctoral (the PhD kind, lol) graduate of Harvard — Valerie Weiss, debuts tonight in selected theaters. She was on NPRs Science Friday to discuss her first feature film, after studying theatre as an undergrad at Princeton, doing multiple things at Harvard’s Dudley House, and directing a small film ‘Dance by Design.’ The Dudley House is a center at Harvard for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences that offers a ple-e-e-ethora of intellectual, artistic, and recreational services and opportunities, including film and theatre related stuff, that Weiss tapped into. Her first film was a short, small film called ‘Dance by Design,’ funded meagerly by Dudley House grants.
‘Losing Control’ is a romantic comedy about a female scientist trying to find out, using the great power of science, if the man who has prposed to her is ‘the one.’ Profitable idea, eh — literally and figuratively. e was on NPRs Science Friday to discuss the science-driven film. Her film company is aptly named ‘PhD Productions,’ and she and her husband — also a Harvard graduate (business and law degrees — what an underachieving pair) who has spurned his degrees for what else, acting — have settled down in the pantheon of film, good ole’ L.A. (cue ‘We Love L.A.,’ by Van Halen — David Lee Roth years).
She came across really well in the interview; very personable, genuine, funny, and well, normal (in the refreshing, good sense of the word). One thing she said stuck in my head, concerning deciding to chase film and be a filmmaker while having a PhD in biophysics, “it’s scarier NOT to do what you want, what you enjoy.” That’s probably not an exact transcription, but it sums up the gist of it. Good way to look at deciding how to use the time we have on the planet.


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