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Today, March 22, is World Water Day

March 22, 2012

Unless you read, watch, and/or communicate with people that read/watch the news of some sort, you probably won’t know that today is World Water Day — or that one even exists. I read it online at The New York Times (I still haveen’t found out how to italicize using my iPhone), then saw a spate of videos on Youtubeabout it.

I don’t have time to comb through the articles a/o videos and give a whole bunch kf facts, trends, demographics, and global/regional diversity of access and futures of water, but here are the sites that do. I know, everytime I find myself in this type of context, I feel more like a M.O.T.O. — that I fully embrace, btw — for enlightening the recipient of said communication chain by doing what the entire globe knows now, using Google. So, I do/did have time to Google and copy and paste links, here you go;, Co-founded by Matt ‘How’ya’like’them’apples’ Damon

United Nations Water site




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