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I am now ‘Farmer Cole’ — Aww to the Yeahhh

March 22, 2012

I’m going to start growing food — that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Like most things in my life, there is a reason for this, or actually ‘reasons,’ plural — opposed to what some may say about my choices/actions having reasons/principles, etc.(referring to you peanut gallery! speaking of peanuts: one of, if not my outright favorite thing to eat — usually in peanut butter form, but I am looking into peanut butter ‘makers’, and possibly peanut butter businesses/microfinance in the underdeveloped/developing [synonomous terms, often confused, misused] world). I actually think we all have a natural impulse to return our stubby little digits to the dirt, but I can’t get into an evolutionary-anthropological-ish thesis here (but read Stephen Jay Gould and Jared Dimaond, and check out the Spencer Wells Foundation for more info on that). And the reasons, drumroll…(a Washington D.C./gogo music inspired drumroll, a la using (REusing!) 5 gallon plastic buckets and drumsticks, see ‘Junkyard Band,’ here’s ‘Sardines’ )

– it’s healthier — for the the entire natural world — and when I say entire, I mean for all creatures big and small (humans, plants, animals, fish, etc.), on all scales (local, and global, etc.)
– it’s cheaper — again, for everyone; locally and globally
– it tastes better
– and ultimately, it jibes* with a philosohy that doesn’t need to control, conquer, kill, etc. other living things — and although plants, beans, pasta, nuts, etc. can be considered living, but without obvious nervous systems and qualities that we’re capable of acknowledging pain, suffering, etc. — so with fist in the air, mean-mug facial expression, and ‘Redemption Song,’ on a low-volume, I say, ‘hollah — MLK and Gandi: where u at!’ : )

I’m off to learn what I can grow in my backyard in the desert spring, in Tucson, Arizona.
Farm on people. Ranks just went up by one…: )

*(or is it gibes or jives [?] — see ; ; ; )


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