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Creativitor/Innovator Jonah Lehrer on ‘Fresh Air’

March 21, 2012

2-21-2012 NPRs, and WHYYs ‘Fresh Air’ with Terry Gross
Featuring Dave Davies (were his parents trying to start something, geeesh), and his interview with Jonah Lehrer, author of the new book, ‘Imagine: How Creativity Works.’

I remember a fascinating piece Lehrer did for The New York Times last year on memory, creativity, mind power, and other stuff, and there’s a certain, well, creativity that really comes through in his writing. After checking out the validity of the prior sentence, it was a Joshua Foer article, the

iff fields have different ages of peak performance ~ the amt of knowledge u have to master before u can start recognizing, forming interesting, innovative connections, etc. —
so for instance,
– philosophers may peak @30
– historians may peak @40
– chemists @35
and more than anything it’s because we get used to the status quo within the field, society, etc., that may benefit some things (routine, grants, funding, etc.), but stifles creative impulses

4th grade slump

benefits of childish creativity
people pretending to be 7 years old…
divergent thinking tasks —
So, we’ve grown up being told and taught to brainstorm, make a list, etc., but there are some times and instances when brainstorming is counter-productive. The
Two rules of brainstorming
1. don’t criticize other p’s ideas (meek imagination)
2. quantity over quality

doesn’t work ~ bcuz of the first rule = u can’t criticize, debate, be fully engaged

Fresh Air, WHYY, interview w/ Jonah Lehrer (mobile)

(Full/Desktop version)

Jonah Lehrer’s website


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