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Machine Sculpting — Death of Manufacturing Greatly Exaggerated

March 20, 2012

There was a great story on American Public Media’s show, Marketplace today, about the whole CNC manufacturing model. CNC stands for computer numerically controlled which describes a high-brow/high-tech form of manufacturing parts for a myriad of products; from car parts, appliances (and parts), and electronic parts and goods, basically anything. Using computers to input precise data, equations, and auto-cad-like dimensions for whatever specific part or product is desired, the machine sculpts the part, wah-la. Like magic. Made me think of the nano tech paradigm, that is on the brink of creating a Kuhnian scientific revolution in the marketplace. Also made me think of Marcin Jakubowski’s project on open source ecology for creating various types of parts and products that can be universally applicable and produced in order to increase global development and sustainability in a way that maximizes global efficiency and aims for a more equal playing field, especially in undeveloped, extremely impoverished parts of the world. Being able to maximize technology’s potential by inputing specs for ‘sculpting’ a part or product from a CNC-type magic creation box is just another step in the direction of a progressive planet. Manufacturing 2.0.

American Public Media’s Marketplace


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