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The Mythology of Our Time via Joseph ‘Jedi’ Campbell …

March 19, 2012

Watching Joseph Campbell be interviewed by Bill Moyers on PBS/CPB — shout out to public broadcasting and journalism of all kind — was, yes I will: epic. Riveting. At first I kind of wondered “who the hell is this guy,” but I didn’t have to watch for long until it started to become really good stuff. I remember him waxing poetic like a champ (which means ‘doing it really well,’ lol) on the idea of chivalry, and the notion and meaning of the word/term/idea, hero. I still need to read Campbell’s classic “The Hero with a Thousand Faces,” that posits on the variability and infinite amount of forms that ‘hero’ can be expressed. On the Joseph Campbell Foundation homepage, I found this piece on a lot of things, but the main thing being the union of disparate parts, the unity of dualities, especially with man and woman, and the notion of hieros gamos, or ‘sacred marriage.’ It’s ‘The Unifying Myth of the Sacred Marriag,’ by Ann Levingston Joiner, listed below.

The JCF — ‘The Unifying Myth of Hieros Gamos’


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