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“Fun” — ‘We are Young,’ #1 Song in the World on NPR

March 19, 2012

I’ve loved this song, ever since I heard it on a Chevy Sonic commercial — that I found when I Googled “set the world on fire chevy commercial,” which came up on A tune called “we are young” by a group called “Fun.”
Went to Youtube, typed in “Fun we are…,” and the search engine finished it for me and BAM — I listened to almost every version of the song that came up on Youtube, including those silly, but sometimes ridiculously great ‘karaoke’ people/groups singing/playing the song. Unbelievable sound. What is it called, the melody(?), yeah, I think that’s the word I’m looking for for this tune. It’s melody, it’s lyrics, the sheer strength and vitality of voice. Potent. The song’s range — the vocal range, and the way the words and the song incorporate range use the singer’s voice, Nate Ruess, perfectly. And in their official video with Janelle Monae, who is beyond the perfect choice for her role in the tune (who decided to pick her and who decided what she would sing — a brilliant person), they blow this song out of the water. The chorus, just such a jam.

And by the way, I posted about this song and posted the two videos that “Fun” posted on Youtube — the official Video and the acoustic version, both with the lovely Janelle Monae — two or three days ago.

NPRs All Things Considered Weekend Edition “Fun” — We are Young, and Nate Ruess


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