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Creativity: Jonah Lehrer and NPR All things Considered

March 19, 2012

Jonah Lehrer, neuroscience author/writer, and author of ‘Imagine: How Creativity Works,’ discusses a few things about the term. Creativity isn’t found, tapped into, catalyzed through one mode, one way of thinking, etc., but through all sorts of possible ways and means. It’s found in any activity, just depends on the type of energy, relaxation especially. The prefrontal cortex is the area right behind the forehead of the brain that although most creativity seems original, is usually some leapfrog or fkat out remix from something else that’s been done, observed. The remix culture is a fundamental principle of the great website
Jonah Lehrer had a brilliant piece in The New York Times a year or so ago, on memory, brain power, brain olympics, and imagination. Check it, check it, check it out…

NPR ATC feat. Jonah Lehrer (full site)

NPR ATC feat. Jonah Lehrer (mobile site)


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