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Flow — the Fundamental Notion Behind Life and the Constructal Theory

March 17, 2012

Here’s a pretty interesting piece, story on ‘flow.’ Not flow like it’s used in hip hop, for ‘having a smooth rap style, rhythm, etc.,’ but as in a fundamental design within nature. It’s a theory and framework that says everything in the world can be fundamentally reduced to the Constructal Theory. The CT basically posits that everything that lives, animate or inanimate, has and is made up of a certain ‘flow,’ or flow-system. Roots of a tree, the trunk, the branches, and leaves; the circulatory system of blood and the veins and arteries that flow within; even different aspects of society, highways, the internet, etc., is all able to fit within the CT.
This theory actually has a lot of, well, practically infinite amount of potential offshoots ~ a lá theories, ideas, ways to analyze anything. There’s actually a really interesting paper written by the same author of the Studio 360 Constructal Theory piece, on athletes and athletic prowess and genetics, specifically what types of body types fare better at certain types of activity/events.
More on flow and CT mas tarde mi gente…

Studio 360, Constructal Theory

Constructal extension/link re Slate article re ‘The Evolution of Speed in Athletics’, esp. for racial/genetic diff/variation and diff/variation of success in diff sports


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