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Will Ferrell’s New Flik and Some Old Classics…

March 14, 2012

Easily the funniest man I’ve ever seen — yes, that equates to G.O.A.T. status — Will’s got another one coming out, “Casa de Mi Padre,” that looks — oh yes — epic. Just like me and my blog. It’s — of all things — a parody of the latin world’s favorite media platform, show: the telenovela (spanish soap opera). Makes me think of how Saturday Night Live has done numerous bits/skits using the telenovela as the medium (and for all the Marshall McLuhan fans out there: The Medium is the Message, especially with telenovelas). The overexaggerated everything; emotions, tonal range, hair gel/make-up, cleavage, eye-patches, manicured facial hair, and latin machísmo mysogony.

“Casa de Mi Padre.” is directed by Matt Piedmont, a former SNL writer, who’s short film “Brick Novax’ Diary,” won the U.S.Grand Jury award at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Piedmont is a former SNL, Emmy Award winning writer, whose musical alter-ego is Clyde Mego. He also likes collecting the good ole’ discs of power also known as vinyl records. That is all (ref. John Hodgman).

Casa de Mi Padre, Official Teaser Trailer

Casa de Mi Padre – Rotten Tomatoes

Casa de Mi Padre — IMDB

An old Ferrell classic, from the 2003 MTV Movie Awards, in a parody of “The Matrix.” Will plays the part of ‘The Architect,’ guiding and lecturing the Award’s hosts, Justin Timberlake and Stiffler — errr, Jason Scott Lee, and Keanu Reeves’ character from “The Matrix.” Perty funny clip. Ergo … Concordantly … Vis-a-Vis … !


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