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60 Minutes Piece on Sal Khan, The Khan Academy

March 14, 2012

I can remember seeing this guy, Sal Khan, and one of his tutorials (which consist of an on screen, online diagram, overlayed with only his voice) being used on CNN 3 or 4 years ago when the ecoomy was tanking. The tutorial was on the seemingly complex, technical econo-financial-speak, and Khan was describing it to a T: and it made perfect sense. Not only was his knowledge of the topic clearly evident, but he could do the more difficult part of any teaching—or, any interpersonal communication of any kind—communicate it and make it understood by the listener/receiver. Khan’s brave new mission to educate anyone and everyone, free global access to education, all began by Khan simply trying to help his younger cousin learn algebra. Using his computer, he recorded a virtual/on-screen ‘chalkboard’ using different colored script, and thought he may as well post them to Youtube. Before he knew it, people started watching and using his lessons, and the rest is history.
As Sanjay Gupta interviewed him, the most revealing and best thing about him that he’s such a great person. The way he responds to the questions, you get the sense that he’s only doing everything he does because he wants to help others.

I’ll come back to this post, this subject, Khan himself, etc., soon.

*And, if it was up to me, after Obama wins in ’12, and serves out his second term: Sal Khan For President. Seriously.

CBS, 60 Minutes, Sal Khan: The Future of Education? (Full video, 13minutes and change)

(cont, 60 Minutes, Sal Khan — Google’s Eric Schmidt on Khan, etc.)

CBS, 60 Minutes, Sal Khan: The Future of Education? (Full transcript, mobile version)″>


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