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Buenos días March 10, 2012 — Prairie Home Companion Kickoff …

March 11, 2012

Early morning listening to my dawg, Garrison Keelor, and Prairie Home Companion’s aptly named show, Spring Succotash. Used to love Sylvester from Warner Bros., who used to say “sufferin’ succotash,” with exaggerated lisp. Little known fact, at least to me, that Sylvester was named after the latin Felis sylvestris, the term for wild cats. Sadly, reminds me of my Wildcats (the University of Arizona’s men’s basketball squad), who lost last night to the lucky Buffs from UC at Boulder in the PAC12 Tourney Championship last night. But, I always think it’s good to get a loss out of the system of a team, reverse psychology, but always seems to work. Felis catus being the term for domesticated cats. And, while looking that up, who knew there’s a band called Sufferin’ Succotash*, a folk, bluegrass, cajun-creole band from Louisiana. What is it about folk-bluegrass-string-band-banjo-fiddle-laden music the past few days. First it was Corb Lund’s song about his truck gettin’ [sic] stuck, which made me link to the Soggy Bottom Boys’, Man of Constant Sorrow (biggups to the brs Karamov errr, Cohen, and O’Brother Where Art Thou). Then, I was fortunate enough to hear about the late great fiddler legend from Mebane, North Carolina, Joe Thompson, may he rest in peace, and the youthful torch bearers he played with often, The Carolina Chocolate Drops (love that name). Whose lead singer (banjo player, fiddler … ?), Rhiannon Giddens, is gorgeous, too. Which brings me to the beautiful Sunday morning of March, 10, 2012, and Prairie Home Companion, and their Spring Succotash show from historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, go figure. And so the jamming of banjos, fiddles, and folk foot stompin’ shall continue. The show features Emmylou Harris, Sara Watkins, Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan, the Civil Wars (fresh off winning a Grammy), and The Dave Rawlings Machine, in addition to El Don De Wobegan, el Señor Garrison Keelor, of course.

Some really great performances (is anything ever “really great,” or just “really good?” Will havt to look that up. Sounds a little off, unconventional, but that’s just my linguistic curious mind surveying language.).

Love Keelor talking about spring springing upon us, and the odd male mating behaviors that may not seem so, e.g., morning throat clearing (check), seemingly mundane home improvement (check — and let it be known it is not mundane to real men, ahem), the style of tile and method of grout, and things as these. Ah yes, spring courting, and the nature of courtship in the spring.

And a story Continues about how relationships can suffer in the spring, all the restlessness, the change of the season, and such things as starting everything you say with “so.” Like humming, or hogging the sheets, or sprawling across the bed. Or the most minute of things. Funny that the most tedious of things can derail what can seem like the strongest, most unshakable things, and relationships. Oh, the divine comedy. Funny.

There was a great, funny line about not being averse to being critical and honest about yourself, minus the ole rose-shaded glasses, and such. Because “even seated on a throne, you are sitting on your ass.” True and true.

Funny how the stuff I heard yesterday, especially some of the underlying social/cultural/racial dynamics underlying Joe Thompson and The Carolina Chocolate Drops, was given an extra gradation of insight with some of the things on Prairie Home Companion.

*Sufferin’ Succotash

Prairie Home Companion


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