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“Whad’Ya Know,” with Michaeeel Feldman … (from WPR)

March 10, 2012

From Wisconsin Public Radio “Whad’Ya Know,” with Michael Feldman, is a very Wisconsin-ey Saturday hour-long afternoon show. I actually didn’t used to like the show, but sitting out in my backyard with NPR on blast (hollah back yun) in Tucson almost every Saturday morning (for 3/4s of the year, I might add) for the past four years has allowed it to grow on me. Like that soft green mossy layer on rocks, trees, the ground in general that is all over the place from forests from San Fran up to British Colombia. Always reminds me of “The Return of the Jedi.” And “Goonies.” And Starbucks. That is all (about that — hollah, John Hodgman — which reminds me, more on John the Hodgman later. THAT is all.*)

Back to “Whad’Ya Know.” Funny interview with comic, author, etc., Julie Klausner. She has a podcast called How Was Your Week, wrote a book in 2010 titled I Don’t Care About Your Band, has written scores of editorials/columns, and participated in outlets from Funny or Die, The Upright Citizens Brigade, Best Week Ever, and TV Funhouse on SNL (Smigelllll and Triumph the Dog, “for you to poop on!”). She’s funny, and I remember a good line/thought she had “you know, I don’t care about being earnest anymore — I enjoy being free to be able to think in the absurdity of things.”

WPR’s Whad’Ya Know, w/ Michael Feldman

Julie Klausner’s tumblr
Klausner’s weekly podcast, How Was Your Week

*Hodgman’s great tumblr, really good stuff. I’ll revisit the phenomena that is John the Hodgman later.
“THAT IS ALL,” [sic, re ALL CAPS],


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