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Bring it Buffs — Vamos Gatos’Locos!

March 10, 2012

THE (emphasis on THE, as demonstrated with all caps, thank you very much) University if Arizona Wildcats (a.k.a. Gatos’locos) play the University of Colorado Buffaloes today in the PAC 12 (still not right being ’12’) tournamenf championship game at the Staples Center. I’ve already used my daily quota on parenthesis from the literary gods of the most high, the script oracles of the delphi (which uses up my quota on Greek mythology-speak/references).

Notable Buff alumni, singular because there is only one besides the 90s football squad who destroyed the program from sanctions (Darian Hagan, Eric Bienemi, et al), bring it. Yep, I’m talking to you Fowler! Imagine the way Jerry Seinfeld used to glare into the distance, crouch a tad, and put his fist in the air and grimace “Newmannnn!” Replace Jerry with me, and replace Newman’s name with “Fowlerrrr,” as the ire of my disdain. You can’t handle the truth, Fowler. OkY, used up the quota on lines from movies, too.

Go cats!


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