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TUF XV, Series Premiere Tonight

March 9, 2012

The Ultimate Fighter, XV (meaning fifteen, a lá roman numerals, romans ~ gladiators, okay then), premieres tonight, on FX for the first time, after the UFC’s deal with Fox. The fighting company is expanding it’s reach, having a three-headed TV beast that starts using FX from the channel that started TUF I, Spike. Through Fox, the UFC is using the cable outlets Fuel and FX for weekly analysis and commentary shows, e.g. Fuels Ultimate Insider every Tuesday @8:30pm, and scheduled fight cards (essentially ‘free’ to cable owners). The Fox/Fuel/FX fight cards add a new element to the UFC’s exploding popularity and success, offering a ‘free’ fight opportunity to older and potentially newer fans that don’t need to pass the threshold of interest needed to buy the only venue to catch fights before the Fox deal — ppv (pay-per-view). TUF XV is the progeny of earlier TUFs, and notably, TUF I, that most people in the fight game say put the sport (mma), and the UFC on the map, specifically the epic (yep, I did it — I used that word) climax, the war between The World According to Garp — ERRR — Forrest and The American Psycho (Stephan Bonnar). I have a lot more to say about the show, sport, and recent news and analysis, but out of time. I’ll be bach…


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