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Ditty re Missy Mazzoli, the “Song from the Uproar”, from PRI/The World

February 25, 2012

As heard on PRI’s The World earlier today, a good quote. Duly noted…(love that phrase)

“What urges me thru to restlessness, and keeps thrusting me onto life’s roads, is not the wisest voice in my soul, it is a side of me that finds the earth too limited and unable to find in myself a sufficient universe…”

Missy Mazzoli, quoting, reading from an entry/journal passage penned by Isabelle Eberhardt, the source/subject/focus of Mazzuli’s docu-film-theatre-musical, “Song from the Uproar: The Lives and Deaths of Isabelle Eberhardt.” It debuts tonight (2-24-12), @ The Kitchen, in NYC.

*this is the seven minute, and change, audio file of PRI/The World’s Lisa Mullins interviewing Missy Mazzoli. the quote from above starts @ the 2:17 mark of the interview, stops @ the 2:27 mark, fyi…:)

**another link to the PRI/The World’s main story on the project…

***Missy Mazzoli’s website, w/ lots of information, links, etc.
page that specifically refers to the Song from the Uproar: The Lives and Deaths of Isabelle Eberhardt
She funded the project/opera/presentation via the great kickstart website, @ this link, for a mere $7500 dollah. You can play a sample on the link, too…


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